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The Astrology Chronicles

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Hello! I do astrology consultations for those who are interested in learning more about their life, career, partnerships, upcoming events and more. I also do tarot + oracle readings and astrology artwork!


I have always been fascinated by the "why" of things and how everything works. In my search for the deeper "why", I discovered astrology.  My love of astrology has pushed me to share it with others by helping them understand their past, present and future. I believe astrology is instrumental for the self journey and to me, the most important takeaway is that astrology can help understand yourself and your world around you. By having this extra tool, we as the collective can grow for the better.


Astrology to uncover deeper patterns.

Hello! My name is Kassandra and I have been an astrologer for 8 years. I have been a student of Ancient Hellenistic astrology since 2017 and have continued to expand my skills and knowledge in many schools of astrology--including Modern and Medical astrology. I have studied under many master astrologers such as Chris Brennan, Kelly Surtees, Marcos Patchett and Austin Coppock. My background also includes a bachelor's degree in Behavioral Neuroscience. I also do tarot and oracle readings and have been an artist of many mediums, which I have merged with my astrology practice. 

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Me encanto su trabajo fue muy clara  y especifica. Me  dijo cosas que incluso no me hubiera ocurrido preguntar, eso me gusto porque tuve mas informacion. Es muy segura realmente sabe de lo que habla. Definitivamente la recomiendo. 

-Patricia S.

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