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My readings are done online via Zoom and a video recording of your reading will be sent to you after our session is done.

I charge for my time regardless of what type of reading you are looking to get. Depending on what you are looking for, sometimes longer sessions or return appointments may be needed to delve deeper into your questions.

I currently offer:

30 minute mini readings

1 hour readings

1.5 hour readings

2 hours readings


For astrology readings to be successful, the more information provided prior to the reading, the more accurate the reading will be. Please send me all of your questions via the questionnaire form or email. 

**If you do not have an accurate birth time, your reading can still be done but will be modified to use given information**

Below I have listed common topics that my clients enquire about. Feel free to use it as guide if you need more clarity of what a reading can answer for you. This is not an exhaustive list so feel free to go outside the box. If you are unsure about something, shoot me an email and we can discuss things before you book!

You can also find me doing in person readings at different markets in Texas.

Birth chart Reading

Birth Chart Reading

What is it?

A birth chart reading is a full analysis of where the planets were in the sky at the time of your birth. These stars carry information about you, your fate and your fortune. 

Why get it?

This is a great reading for those that want to know more about themselves or are just curious to see what their natal chart has to say about them. I will go over each of the planets, how they interact in your chart, and how they manifest or will manifest for you. Coming out of this reading you will have a deeper and detailed understanding about yourself, what makes you YOU, your strengths and weaknesses, and what your life direction should be. I will make sure you get the most of this reading by answering any questions you have!

Synastry Relationship Reading
two people in love holding hands by the stars and planets with a pink and purple backgroun

Synastry Relationship Reading

What is it?

A synastry relationship reading requires the charts of 2 people--yourself and the person you're inquiring about. Both parties must consent to a reading of their charts, but both don't have to be present if it's a live reading. This will help you understand not only yourself but also your partner. This reading is about you and the person in question which includes, but not limited to, your partner, friend, sibling, parent, coworker, business partner, and more. This is different from a love reading in that you are seeing the compatibility of two people by reading two charts together.

Why get it?

With this reading you will learn how both of your charts work together. I will analyze the combinations of the chart and help you understand dynamics, expectations, obstacles and hurdles that exist or might appear. You will walk away from this reading understanding how your relationship to that second person works, how to enhance the great parts and how to work around the challenging ones. I will make sure you get the most of this reading by answering any questions you have!

How is the reading done?

This reading requires the birth charts of 2 people--yourself and the person you're inquiring about. That means I need the birth information of both parties to have an accurate readingBoth parties must consent to a reading of their charts, but both don't have to be present if it's a live reading.

Career reading
career money and business with deep purple, pink, and maroon colors.jpg

Career Reading

What is it?

This reading is to answer any questions you may have about your career, business, or life direction. Sometimes we get lost and don't know where we should go or if the job we are in is the right fit for us. Jobs and career and life purpose are all different things and your chart will help us pinpoint just that!

Why get it?

We are all on this Earth which means we all have to deal with monetary issues, career and purpose in life. This reading can help clear up any muddled confusion you may have or simply give you advice on how to take your career to the next level! Whatever your situation may be, astrology can help set you on track.

love reading
a picture of love with light pink and dark pink colors.jpg

Love Reading

What is it?

A love reading from me is different from a synastry relationship reading in that we dive deep into what YOU need from a love life. Sometimes we do not have someone in mind or in our life that we can see the compatibility with, so we need to look at our own charts to see what would best make us feel fulfilled and nurtured in a loving relationship. This can extend from friendships to the deepest depths of love. We will focus on YOU and YOUR needs in this reading such as what signs are your best match, what you need from your partner(s), what you need to work on and what you bring to the table!

Why get it?

Understanding how to love ourselves is the most powerful thing. Learning how to give love to ourselves will help us extend that love to others--so why not learn more about our own love language through astrology? By understanding our own chart, we can see our needs clearer and thus move forward with more tools to make current or future relationships stronger and healthier.

year ahead reading
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Year Ahead Reading or Specific Upcoming Dates

What is it?

A year ahead reading is an in depth analysis of what the year will bring for you. We will go over important dates, the best and worst times to do certain things, what changes this year will bring for you, and much more. Astrology has a lot to say over the course of one year so make sure to bring your questions so we can cover everything you need!

Why get it?

One of the most powerful tools in astrology is being able to see what is coming ahead. Sometimes a little preparation can go a long way. If you are the type of person that wants to see what the future holds, well this reading is for you! If you want to know how this next year will impact your growth, what challenges and blessing it can bring, or simple are curious to find out what this year will be like, then the year ahead reading will help answer those questions.

what i need from you

What I Need From You

Below are the things I need from you before I can proceed with your reading. I will be sending reminders through email as well.

Wall Clock

Accurate Birth Time

Please provide an accurate birth time from a credible source. These include: birth certificates, video or written stamps, or chart Rectification from another Astrologer. I would not entirely rely on parental memory as that can cause inaccurate readings to happen.

 If you do not have an accurate birth time, your reading can still be done but will be modified to use given information. 


Consent and Privacy

A reading can bring up anything from your past or future that can seem negative or even triggering. Please understand that by purchasing a reading you are giving me your consent to delve into your life and sometimes these topics are necessary to understand the full scope. 

I in turn will provide privacy and your charts and information will not be shared without your explicit permission. Everything we discuss is confidential and will not be aired out without consent.

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As of this time, I will not be accepting refunds. If you have trouble with your reading, please let me know so I can clear up any questions.

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