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Welcome to The Astrology Chronicles!

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

Hello! Thank you for checking out my website. My name is Kassandra and I am the mind behind The Astrology Chronicles. I started learning astrology loosely since about 2015 and I have recently gotten serious about my studies in the last few years.

I have taken a liking to Hellenistic astrology, which is ancient astrology that dates back to some of the original founding dates of astrology. I also work with the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) which comes from a more modern tradition. I am gaining experience each day reading charts, transits and everything in between meanwhile finishing my certification training from Chris Brennan's course on Hellenistic Astrology.

**You can find that here:

I want these blogs to be a place where not only can I give more in-depth explanations of astrological concepts, but I want to be able to chronicle events and ideas as they come. If my interpretations help even one person then that sounds great to me!

Ultimately, my goal is to help others reach their full potential and to give internal resources for dealing with life's hardships or blessings. As I have a background in Behavioral Neuroscience, I will be using my studies to aid me in explaining to others what I see in their astrology. Learning how to take what you learn from a reading and apply it to real life is such an important part of doing what I do. To do that, I believe astrology should be accessible to anyone and that is why I keep my prices affordable for everyone.

Through the lens of astrology, I hope to help you gain even 1% of extra clarity on your current situation. I fully believe there is more to learn on this earth than meets the eye, so why not use all the tools at our disposal?

Thank you for reading!

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