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Feeling drained right now? The stars can show you why.

As we are in the middle of Scorpio season, we find ourselves as a collective feeling drained, lost and tired. While our cultural dynamics quickly point the finger back at us for being the problem, realistically there is something larger at hand going on. Besides the systems that keep us down (and that is a whole another post), we are always going through changes and shifts that push our collective to grow in different ways at different times. That's what astrology is. But there are times when too much energy from too many directions clash at once and we find ourselves almost paralyzed with decisions, energy distributions, and problems arising one after the other. That is where we find ourselves now.

Right now, we are at the heart of the season of depth, darkness and the hidden. Scorpio season has shown us where the skeletons lay and true to its fixed nature, we must deal with them as hiding won't make them go away. We may know what they are and what the entail as every Scorpio season brings up the same themes--over and over again. Don't you think it's uncanny how the same problems or ideas pop up at the same time every year? That's astrology for you. One of the many things it can show you at least.

We have had Mars, the planet of action and war, in Scorpio alongside Mercury, the planet of communication and intellect, in Scorpio as well. It has all been one giant scorpion party! But with that much concentration in one sign we can easily fall victim to the not so nice parts. While Scorpio at its healthiest promotes dedication, laser focus, and inner strength--the not so nice parts can include paranoia, envy, and vengefulness. We must tread carefully when so much energy pushes us in a singular direction. Luckily the planets are shifting into the next sign but we are still recovering from its effects.

Not to mention we just had an eclipse in the axis of Taurus/Scorpio on October 28th, 2023. Eclipses are draining and can bring unstable energy when they pass by the signs. So if you feel like sudden changes have or are happening and things feel out of your control more than usual, it is just the eclipse bringing or closing a chapter in your life. Embrace it and my best advice to you is don't try to figure it out just yet. If you think you have it, you might just get shaken up again. Let the chips fall where they may and with time you will see it as clear as day--where you are supposed to be and what you're meant to do.

For now, rest.

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